››Value Proposition Communication and Prosecution

A critical juncture for your product following regulatory approval is to achieve market access.  This is achieved locally, one market at a time with different dynamics and requirements in each market

Many markets require a creation of a “market access dossier”, in the US this would be in the form of a AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) format dossier, followed by a formal “formulary presentation”.  Pharmacetucial companies with advanced capabilities will customize each AMCP dossier to the individual formulary and have developed a continuous relationship with the formulary decision makers to communicate more comprehensively the components of the dossier.

In many European markets a formal “health technology assessment process” is in place such as the processes that exist in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, etc.  Each of the dossiers developed and submitted to these agents must meet the unique guideline and legal structures that exist in these markets.

Australia and Canada deserve special mention as originators of “health technology assessments” with the existence of the PBAC (Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee) and CDR (Common drug review) in Australia and Canada respectively.

Bruce Wong & Assoicates have developed over 400 dossiers seeking market access in all global markets.  We are able to consult and develop global dossiers from the completed value proposition strategy.  The creation of a core Value Propositon dossier is a critical enabler to each country filing.  We are expert at writing core “Value Propostion” dossers or global economic dossiers