››Study Execution (fulfillment)

A “Value Proposition Strategy” consists of  core high level value statements each of which requires a data logic to give them color.  The data may come from existing literature or from new studies to generate the appropriate data.

The new data generation component typically answer questions that a formulated within the strategy.   The studies are always comparative in nature and generally require the techniques of clinical epidemiology to answer. The data required to answer these questions frequently comes from existing population level data from “re-imbursement claims” “registries” “medical records” and  surveys.  The methods applied to these datasets are dictated by the question to be answered but are usually of the type “Cohort Study”, “analytic cohort Study”,  “Survey”. 

Bruce Wong & Associates are expert at applying the right research method to obtain the most credible answer to the strategic question at hand, able to write and critique proposals and protocols to the appropriate end.

Bruce Wong & Associates has access to a large array of  datasets (unlike many vendors in this space how have a business relationship to a single datasource).  Bruce Wong & Associates has developed the infrastructure (servers and software) and personel (programmers and analysts to execute studies within these datasets.

Tensions in execution:

Frequently that nature of the comparison is not intuitive until the right depth of thought has been applied to the problem but without a doubt when it comes to a customer interrogating your logic the comparative nature will be clear.  Many vendors without the right depth in their organization will offer clients less than credible research – watch for this!

Many vendors will claim to be all things – we are not, when we do not have the capacity or capability to do a particular project we will not take it on.

Data in Outcomes Research Science is both a commodity and a critical consideration.  When we acquire datasets for your project this will be a pass through expense to you.

When we contract with you for a research project we will commit to a full confidentiality agreement and full ownership and rights to the data will reside with the customer.