››Buisness Philosophy

We have a strong sense of business ethics which we will not compromise simply to obtain an assignment.  We commit to providing you with our best advice based on our knowledge of the field and experience.  Our integrity is our most valuable asset, we may even give you advice to not proceed down a particular pathway even when it is not to our advantage.

We believe in strong science and its' ability to reveal answers to questions when the science is well designed and executed.  We will help you identify the right research to create the data streams that you need to support your products and help you phrase the right questions.

Typically, questions are asked and research undertaken to find answers.  We may have strong beliefs in the eventual answer, however, that is no guarantee of a positive result.  We do believe that a properly designed assignment will reveal the truth be it positive or negative.

We believe in strong communication with our clients ensuring there are no surprises in any aspect of an engagement.  Clear communication on the nature of an assignment the, likely outcome, deliverables and time frames for completion are essential ingredients of a successful relationship.

We respectfully will decline to purposefully do biased research to come to conclusions that we would believe are not true, and would kindly ask you not to request that of us.  Our integrity is our most valuable asset - to repeat our core philosophy.

There are many types of work that we are not qualified or experienced at executing within our network of associates.  While we have the management experience to oversee the work performed in these instances at third party vendors we will make this clear during an engagement.