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Large Pharmaceutical companies typically have infrastructure in the form of Outcomes Research, Epidemiology, Marketing research or Pricing and Re-reimbursement departments which in variable ways do the stuff of a “value proposition” for their products.

The infrastructure costs for these departments is substantial and justified by large and diverse portfolios which can maintain the minimum critical mass to keep multiple individuals gainfully employed with a sense of purpose

Bruce Wong & Associates can provide to small biotech and health technology venture companies the advantage of large company expertise through our network of associates and experts without the infrastructure costs

We will work with you to provide the level of service you need, give you options for the development of a value proposition strategy for your product, provide you with a vehicle to execute individual elements of the strategy or provide to you a service which will oversee the execution at any number of third party vendors.

A clear and logically developed value proposition strategy and data will enhance the perceived NPV of your technology or compound.

Our experience has been that few descriptions of product value are presented at the time a deal is considered – if you believe in your product you can imagine the value you are leaving on the table.


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